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Ordinary Mind Zen and Wild Goose Qigong in Sacramento

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Meadowmind is dedicated to providing a place for meditation and qigong in Sacramento. While our foundation practices are Ordinary Mind Zen and Dayan (Wild Goose) qigong, anyone who wants to practice meditation or qigong is welcome to attend our regular schedule.

Zazen settles us in thinking not-thinking; Qigong moves us in doing not-doing. Together they offer a Way to realize our lives with ease and joy, meeting each moment with our whole body and mind.
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Our meditation practice is based in Ordinary Mind Zen, but all meditators are welcome . The forms we use are very similar to Soto Zen; more details are on the Ordinary Mind pages.

We encourage you to follow the forms and participate in the service, but you are welcome to just sit quietly and observe. Similarly, we suggest you arrive on time and stay for the entire session, but it's OK to leave when you need to. We do ask you to maintain silence while in the meditation hall and while entering and exiting.
Our qigong practice is the Dayan (Wild Goose) form. Practice sessions assume you have some background in qigong; we don't provide instruction during practice sessions other than offering a few tips . If you are interested in classes you can find information on the "Qigong Resources" page.
We are committed to offering a space where everyone can practice meditation and qigong on a regular basis.

We embrace diversity, and welcome people of every color, every way of life and ethnic background, gender identity, sexual orientation, age and ability. Walking the path of liberation, we express our intimate connection with all beings.

Come when you can - but also be aware that getting into a rhythm with regular attendance will help support your practice.