Meadowmind Zen Qigong

Ordinary Mind Zen and Dayan Qigong in Sacramento

    Due to Covid restrictions we will not be able to finish building our practice space or gather together for several weeks. We hope to open once covid restrictions are eased.    
If you'd like to help create our community, please let us know and we'll contact you once we can begin meeting.
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Meadowmind is dedicated to providing a place for daily meditation and qigong in Sacramento. While our foundation practices are Ordinary Mind Zen and Dayan (Wild Goose) qigong, anyone who wants to meditate or do qigong is welcome to attend our regular schedule.

Zazen settles in thinking not-thinking; Qigong moves doing not-doing. Together they offer a Way to realize our lives with ease and joy, meeting each moment with our whole body and mind.

Zen emphasizes returning to stillness, finding the movement at its heart. Qigong's energy moves in streams supported by the stillness of the earth that bears all and the sky that embraces all. The forms through which we exercise our mind create the body of our practice - a source of effortless effort in the midst of our daily activities.

There are many flavors of Zen and Qigong. Meadowmind's teacher received denkai to offer precepts in Ordinary Mind Zen, has lay entrustment in Soto Zen, and is authorized as a senior teacher of Dayan (Wild Goose) qigong.

Ordinary Mind Zen
The Way of Everyday Life
- Joko Beck

Dayan Qigong
Just Natural
- Hui Liu

Soto Zen
Finding Your Place Where You Are    
- Eihei Dogen

How wonderful that things
cannot be grasped,
despite a self which, striving to let go,
grasps still firmer.

Folding the laundry, carefully,
making such straight lines
I double back upon my self
a wave watching waves create a beach
of footsteps, salt and stars.

Breakers never reach the shore;
sloughing their crests in sprays of light
with the world moving,
with the waves standing still
an old rock welcomes
lichens, mosses, moons.

Each strand of seaweed can only be itself
one word in conversations
between tides and land
where wind becomes the ocean disappearing into sand.
       - Robert Rosenbaum