Dayan Qigong


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Qigong promotes wellness by promoting the healthy functioning of the acupuncture meridians - removing blockages and improving the flow of qi, "vital energy." Qigong is a generic term which simply means "qi practice." By addressing the whole person, harmonizing body and mind, it plays a vital role in both traditional and modern Chinese medicine.

There are thousands of different kinds of qigong, including
  • Medical qigongs - these target specific illnesses, adapting their practice to the particular problem
  • Static qigongs - these usually involve repeating a movement several times. They can be done individually, but often consist of a set of several movements. For example, Ba Dua Jin consists of eight movements; each one is done for 10 or 20 times before going on to the next movement.
  • Flowing qigongs consist of a sequence of movements where one flows into the next. The movements are designed to balance each others' effects. For example, tai chi is actually a form of qigong. These flowing qigong can be "hard" (for martial arts purposes) or "soft" (primarily for health).

Dayan (Wild Goose) Qigong is one of the most ancient qigong forms as well as one of the most comprehensive. It includes warm-up exercises, acupressure self-massage, two sequences of 64 movements each, and Taoist meditation. More about Dayan Qigong is on the "About Dayan Qigong" page.



Here is a partial list of some qigongs, adapted from the Five Seasons Medicine website

Soaring Crane Qigong
Wisdom Healing Qigong
Pan Gu Mystical Qigong
Wild Goose (Dayan) Qigong
Dragon and Tiger Qigong
Primordial Qigong (Wujigong)
Zhang Zhuan (Standing Meditation, done in various postures)
Wu Xing-Five Organs (Tonifying each organ system.)
3 Dantians (Swinging movement from the three centers of the body.)
Cloudy Hands (Arms movements which integrate other types of qigong)
Muscle Tendon Lengthening (The art of stretching)

Golden Ball (Moving qi around the dantian 8 Extraordinary Meridians
Heaven & Earth (Micro/macro cosmic orbit, symmetrical pulsing & elasticity)
Spine training (Drawing qi into the spine for healing, power)
Chan Su Jing, (Silk Spinning -joint releasing & spiraling movements)
Immortals Dancing in the Clouds (Bone Marrow Washing, spherical movement)
Daoyin, (Daoist Lineage Hermit Practice)
Hunyuan (Prenatal asymmetric movement of fluids, qualities of empty and full)
8 Brocades (Sinew lengthening and integrating movements)
Conditioning Techniques such as Iron shirt, Gold Bell, Iron palm.
Seated Qigong of various lineages.
Daoist meditation sometimes called Stillness Qigong.