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“The single best book I know of about psychotherapy.”
Art Bohart, former President, Saybrook Institute; author of How Clients Make Therapy Work

“This book is an enormous contribution to an evolving dialogue that holds much promise for the relief of human suffering.”
Mark Epstein, author of Thoughts Without a Thinker: Psychotherapy from a Buddhist Perspective

“Anyone who trusts the transformational potential of awakened full attention will love this book. Robert Rosenbaum’s use of classical Buddhist texts as guidelines for psychotherapy, his personal and poetic style, and his liberal use of well-written case vignettes make this a wonderful addition to the literature. ”
     --Syliva Boorstein, author of
It’s Easier Than You Think: The Buddhist Way to Happiness.

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“A charming oasis of truth, compassion, laughter, and beauty.”
Michael Hoyt; author of Brief Psychotherapies

“Inspiring. This book is to be sipped, not gulped, to be shared and savored.”
Norman Fischer, author of Taking Our Places

“Rosenbaum manages to restore some of the bite to the Tao Te Ching, making it speak to us with live words. ”
     --Barry Magid, author of
Ordinary Mind.

Wisdom Publications, May, 2013

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“Raises urgent questions about mindfulness - capital 'M' - now that it has been extracted from its Buddhist roots.”
Gaelyn Godwin; abbot. Auspicious Cloud Temple, Houston Zen Center

“If you're really into mindfulness, if you really want to know about mindfulness deeply, then this is a book for you to read and, more, to contemplate. Be prepared to be moved.”
Arthur Bohart, professor emeritus, California State University, Dominguez Hill

“Articulate and courageous, this book expands our understanding of mindfulness and merges deep respect for tradition with thorough acceptance of contemporary times.”
     —Deborah Schoeberlein David, author of
Living Mindfully.

Wisdom Publications,2016